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Every car makes and model has a logbook which specifies at which age or which kilometre intervals a certain service needs to be done to maintain your car in perfect shape. As every car is slightly different and built with different materials and components, a logbook service at Illawarra Truck & Car is the best way to maintain your car healthy and safe.

Our team of experts at Illawarra provides a logbook service that matches any dealership service, but we can offer you a much more affordable price. We are known for our best-in-the-industry quality of work, our friendly customer service and our transparency and honesty, you can be sure to leave your vehicle in the very best hands when getting your regular logbook service at Illawarra Truck & Car.

Simply call us for the service that you want for your truck or car, we will schedule a booking for the same. Moreover, if you have any queries relevant to our services, we will help you back.