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At Illawarra, we provide a complete range of services for truck and car making us your one-stop-shop for all the repair needs. From the minor issues to major ones like engine rebuild, brakes replacement or suspension repair on your truck and car, Illawarra Truck & Car can take care of all your vehicle’s regular servicing needs. Our team of experts undertake all servicing within our workshop, no outsourcing for truck and car servicing. This speeds up the process of getting your vehicle back where it belongs – on the road.

With years of experience in servicing trucks and cars, we provide our quality services so that you can have peace of mind knowing our team of highly experienced and qualified professionals are working on your vehicle, ensuring that everything keeps running smoothly.

Vehicles like trucks require frequent maintenance, and we understand the importance of keeping the expensive vehicle in good condition. This is why we employ our expert mechanics and invest in the newest, most effective equipment and technology to service your vehicles.